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Meet Our Staff

Meytal AmenuMeytal Amenu
Nursery 2Hebrew

Morah Meytal has been a teacher for the last 8 years. She has become a mom for the first time this past summer. She has worked in HAFTR and joined our Brandeis Family in 2019. Morah Meytal is working with our youngest children in school and is so delighted to be a part of their early growth. 

Orly Amenu
Nursery 3 Hebrew
Morah Orly has been a teacher for the last 13 years.  She has worked at Ganoni Day Care and HAFTR.  Morah Orly as been a member of the Brandeis mishpacha for the past five years in our nursery program.  Morah Orly delights in watching her students grow and develop throughout the year.
Dana AtiasDana Atias
3rd & 4th Grade, Judaic Studies
Mrs. Atias joins us from Eretz Yisrael through the World Zionist Organization. She has been teaching lower and middle school students in Israel for more than 10 years. She has mastered teaching the Hebrew Language as well as various Judaic Studies subjects across grade levels. Classes will be held Ivrit B’ivrit while integrating all five senses to reach every child and their learning abilities. Mrs. Atias is looking forward to collaborating with her parents, students, colleagues and administrators and believes teamwork leads to student success.
Heidi Beyer
Resource Room

Mrs. Beyer is a reading specialist and has been a part of the Brandeis family for five years.  Students in the second through eighth grades who need reading enrichment meet with Mrs. Beyer.  Prior to joining The Brandeis School, Mrs. Beyer was a reading teacher in the Port Washington School District.

Audrey Bieber
Middle School English

As the new literacy instructor for the 6th, 7th and 8th grades, Mrs. Bieber brings over 20 years of experience teaching English.In accordance with Common Core/Next Generation State Standards, Mrs. Bieber’s students read grade-appropriate informational and literary texts to further develop and improve English Language skills including: reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

Students learn to utilize text-based evidence to determine central ideas, specify the author’s use of literary techniques, and analyze the author’s craft.  A variety of writing assessments and activities are used to demonstrate these skills.

Students build upon their knowledge of the world and relationship within it through class discussion of texts, gathering information, evaluating nonfiction sources, and a variety of both teacher-directed and student-centered activities.  The small teacher/student ratio allows for special attention and differentiated instruction towards individual student needs.

Mrs. Bieber’s goal for her students is to become independent readers and writers, and to facilitate a lifelong passion for the written word.  By graduation, our students are well prepared for the demands of high school English and have experience with advanced texts as well.

Talya Braunstein
Talya, a New York State Certified School Psychologist, meets with students three days each week.  Talya joined The Brandeis School in September 2018.


Tali Dahari
Receptionist/Front Office
Tali has worked in the front office at The Brandeis School for almost 20 years.  Daily, Tali focuses on the needs of the students, teachers and parents.  Tali greets callers on the telephone, responds and disseminates emails, and assists Mr. Levin.  Tali is also a former Brandeis parent, proud mother of Naama and Liav.

    Kim Duchow


Ms. Duchow has taught at The Brandeis School for the past five tears. She started teaching Pre-Kindergarten, followed by Kindergarten. She will now take on the position of Art Teacher. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Art Education K-12. Ms. Duchow has taught art at various schools and Art Studios, including her own Studio for several years.  The Art Curriculum is geared towards helping students become creative critical thinkers. It touches upon different artists and art styles throughout History. It works on experiencing with art tools and using them properly. Most of all, it encourages students to express themselves in a unique way.


Yochi Eiss
1st & 2nd Grade Judaic Studies

Morah Yochi has been teaching Pre-K and Kindergarten for over 20 years.  Morah Yochi has been part of The Brandeis School mishpacha for many years, including as a parent of two alumna.  Six years ago, Morah Yochi joined our staff as our Pre-K and Kindergarten Judaic teacher.

In Pre-K, students begin their day singing Hatikvah and saying our tefillot.  Weather and calendar are discussed in Hebrew.  Students learn to recognize Hebrew letters, sounds and phonics through games, coloring, writing and iPad activities.  Holidays and customs and brachot are taught.

In Kindergarten, the day begins with Hatikvah, our tefillot, the calendar, and the weather.  At the beginning of the school year, we review the Alef Bet.  Vowels such as “Kamatz”, “Patach”, and “Chirik” are learned.  Students work with the book “Time to Read” and Hebrew activity books.  Every week, children learn the parashat hashavua, its meaning and impact on our lives.  A team of warm assistants support our classroom.

Leslie Gang
Director of Admissions & Communications, Executive Administrative Assistant
Leslie is thrilled to join The Brandeis School family.  She has most recently worked as Executive Assistant in the Yeshivah of Flatbush, assisting the Executive Director and lay leaders of the institution.  Prior to her position in Flatbush, Leslie served as the Director of Admissions, Communications and Alumni Relations at HAFTR for seven years.  Alongside Mr. Reuben Maron and the lay leadership, Leslie helped increase student enrollment, develop and expand several fundraising campaigns, and foster relationships with HAFTR Graduates.  From 2009-2011, Leslie served as the Director of Public Relations and Marketing at Westchester Day School.  Leslie is a HAFTR High School Graduate (Class of 2003) and Boston University Graduate (COM' 07).
Hagit Genosar
Judaic Studies Curriculum Coordinator, Middle School Hebrew

Mrs. Genosar has been a core member of The Brandeis School family for the past 17 years.  She teaches Hebrew language, Tanach and Dinim.  She began teaching fifth and sixth grade, and later moved to seventh grade.  Mrs. Genosar now teaches eighth grade and prepares students for the Hebrew Regents exam.

In the Middle School, students are grouped based on their proficiency in the Hebrew language.  This allows students to benefit from learning at their own pace and level.  Mrs.Genosar gains great pleasure in seeing students' enthusiasm and excitement when they are introduced to Hebrew literature.

In Tanach studies, the main goal is to make students identify with Eretz Israel and deepen their connection to the land of our ancestors.

Celebrating holidays and commemorating special days in the Hebrew calendar defines The Brandeis School experience. Mrs. Genosar is proud to direct and lead the middle school students in the presentations of Yom Yerushalayim (5th grade), Pesach Model Seder (6th grade), Yom Hazikaron (7th grade) and Yom Hashoah (8th grade).

Mrs. Genosar teaches by "דרך ארץ קדמה לתורה" – Proper (ethical) behavior precedes the Torah – before one can learn and receive an education, he or she must pave the path with Derech Eretz, decent behavior and good character traits

R. GoldbergRabbi Nissan Goldberg
School Rabbi
Rabbi Goldberg brings more than 30 years of leadership experience to our Brandeis students and is very much looking forward to implementing various programs at the Brandeis School that will strengthen our students’ connection to Torah, the love of Judaism, and the foundations of Yiddishkeit. Rabbi Goldberg hopes to incorporate various chesed opportunities into the curriculum to remind students the importance of kindness, gratitude and giving back to our community. He will also be working closely with the staff and administration to implement programs highlighting those who showcase their Middot Tovot and encourage students to always be mindful of the attributes we hope to embody as members of Klal Yisrael. He hopes to instill a love of Torah in all of our Brandeis students by introducing them to various biblical and Jewish concepts through unique and creative ways, both in and out of the classroom.
Ariel Hilsenrath
Ariel Hilsenrath
Nursery 2
Morah Ariel is thrilled to be a part of the Nursery 2 program at Brandeis. Before this, she was an assistant at the JCC in a two year class. Morah Ariel loves teaching 2s because it is a year of maturity and growth; she loves watching her students learn and grow. Morah Ariel has a master’s degree in Early Childhood Education, General and Special Education from Concordia College.


Danielle Ieraci
School Nurse
Mrs. Ieraci has been caring for the children at Brandeis for the past five years.  She received a Bachelor of Science in Business and Psychology from the Oswego State University in 1989, followed by a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Molloy College in 2000.  Prior to working at the Brandeis School, she worked as a substitute nurse at Brandeis as well as  other districts.  It is her pleasure to care for the health needs of Brandeis students.
Kayli JosephKayli Joseph
Early Childhood Music
Kayli Joseph has been teaching children aged 2-5 for over twenty years, incorporating music, movement, and vibrant puppetry into her lessons to make learning fun and engaging. She has composed and released a wealth of children’s songs and albums that cover both academic and Judaic topics and is still creating new content to this day.
Prior to this, Kayli majored in Music Composition and Classical Piano at Tel Aviv University and studied at The Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music. Kayli is thrilled to join the Brandeis family and put a special emphasis on Jewish and Israeli music inside the classroom.
Zelda Kastin
Middle School, Social Studies

Mrs. Kastin has had the pleasure of educating Middle School children in t The Brandeis School for almost three decades.  Currently, Mrs. Kastin teaches 5th and 8th grade Social Studies.  Mrs. Kastin has always strived to ignite each student's love of history and the world around them.

The Middle School social studies curriculum is based on New York State standards.  In 5th grade, students use a variety of their learned skills to understand major ideas, themes and turning points in history, both in North and South America.  Eighth grade students delve deeper into the history of our country.  There is a greater understanding of different historical periods, particularly Reconstruction, Progressive Movement, WWI, The Great Depression-New Deal, WWII, Civil Right Era, Vietnam War, Kennedy-Johnson Years, and 1988 to the present.


Kelly Koprowski
1st Grade General Studies
Mrs. Koprowski is so excited to join the Brandeis school family! This will be her 9th year teaching and she is thrilled to be teaching 1st grade this year. For the past 3 years she has taught 1st grade at Yeshiva of South Shore. She obtained a Master of Science degree from Hofstra University in Elementary Education in 2005. Mrs. Koprowski finds great joy in watching her students grow throughout the year.
KosofkyNaami Kosofsky
School Social Worker
Naami is a licensed social worker. She has experience working clinically with children and their families in both individual and group settings. Naami received her MSW from Yeshiva University. She feels privileged to begin the 2020 school year with The Brandies School. She is excited to work with students and watch them grow.
Helen Liebman
2nd Grade General Studies

The 2nd Grade curriculum is aligned with the New York State Common Core Standards.  In the area of reading, Mrs. Liebman uses Scott Foresman Reading Street Common Core.  This reading series consists of stories of many genres with a variety of skills that accompany them including a Writer’s Notebook.  Children are taught to write in different styles: narratives, expository essays, fiction and non-fiction, as well as in personal journals.  

The Common Core State Standards is followed for the Second Grade Math curriculum.  The Math program develops conceptual understanding, computational proficiency and mathematical literacy.  

Science and Social Studies consist of several topics.  Children enjoy going to the Science Lab and using a variety of hands-on materials.  Each spring, students participate in The Brandeis School Science Fair.

The children enjoy utilizing the Computer Lab where they work on Math and Literacy skills.  Our 2nd Grade encompasses a full and exciting program.

Mrs. Liebman also teaches 3rd grade science which includes topics such as, Living Things, Ecosystems, Animals and Plants, Simple Machines and Matter.  The children are taught to identify the steps in the Scientific Method, and learn how scientists form and test a hypothesis.

Science is taught in our Science Lab where students are able to use a variety of hands-on materials.  They observe, ask questions and draw conclusions using various science tools.  Students also conduct experiments. In the Spring, students participate in our Science Fair.


MariHannah Mari
Nursery 2 Assistant Teacher
Morah Hannah is thrilled to be joining the Brandeis School staff as a Nursery 2 Assistant Teacher. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Literature and is currently working toward her Master's degree in English. After several years of experience with young children, Hannah is excited to bring her love of education to the Nursery 2 classroom and looks forward to a wonderful school year full of growth and learning.
Reuben Maron
Administrative Director

Mr. Maron has been a part of The Brandeis School Family since February of 2018.  Prior to his role as Administrator at The Brandeis School, Mr. Maron served as Executive Director of HAFTR for 8 years.  With the support of administrators, lay leaders and faculty members, he increased enrollment from 1,000 students to 1,400 children and revitalized the school buildings and grounds.  Mr. Maron is excited to join The Brandeis School Administration and continue the school's growth and success.

Lori Pennock
Resource Room

Mrs. Pennock is the Resource Room teacher at The Brandeis School.  Mrs. Pennock has taught for many years, including at other area Yeshivas.  Prior to raising her family, Mrs. Pennock was a Resource Room teacher in the Elmont School District.  Mrs. Pennock is delighted to now be a part of The Brandeis School community.

Lisa Sacolick
Nursery 2 Program Director, Nursery 3 General Studies

Three year nursery is taught by Morah Lisa and Morah Orly.  For the past five years, our Morahs have worked together to provide a nursery curriculum that is well-rounded.  Our three year-old students learn about our holidays, parsha, seasons, colors, shapes, numbers and the alphabet.  Special units include author studies, apples, fire safety, health, and music appreciation.  Our day includes free play, davening circle, story time, outdoor playground, center time, art projects and rest time.  We provide a friendly, warm, safe, nurturing environment where the children grow, learn and make lots of friends.

Tara Saez
Middle School Spanish

Mrs. Saez is currently in her 26th year of teaching, the last three at The Brandeis School.  Mrs. Saez is our 6th, 7th and 8th grade Spanish teacher.  Throughout her career, Mrs. Saez has taught in a variety of educational environments.  While at the past three years at The Brandeis School, Mrs. Saez has noted that The Brandeis School not only provides a productive learning environment for students but also provides an inviting family environment.

The Spanish curriculum is thorough, integrating the four major skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing.  In sixth grade, students begin with basic language skills.  By the eighth grade, our students are able to express thoughts in several language tenses.  This demonstrates the student's growth. 

The ultimate goal of our Spanish program is to prepare our students for higher level learning as well as the diverse society in which we reside.

Harriet Sanders
Middle School Social Studies, Health and Jewish History

Mrs. Sanders began her career at The Brandeis School thirty- seven years ago as a fourth grade teacher.  After many years, Mrs. Sanders became a sixth grade teacher for all areas of the curriculum, except math.  Mrs. Sanders has also taught sixth grade Literacy, sixth, seventh and eighth grade Social Studies Jewish History and Health.  Today, Mrs. Sanders teaches sixth and seventh grade Social Studies, seventh and eighth grade Jewish History, and Middle School Health.

In sixth grade, our students experience life in ancient times, exploring civilizations from the beginning of the Paleolithic Era through the Renaissance, Reformation and Arab world.  Students draw conclusions about the similarities and differences among the cultures and religions of each area, as well as their relevance to today's world. Our textbook is only one source of information as students are taught to comb through the internet and watch videos of ancient life.

Seventh grade begins with the Age of Exploration, the beginning of our American history.  Students also benefit from videos showing life during this time.  

Seventh grade Jewish History, much like Social Studies, focuses on the beginnings of a nation - Israel.  We use much of the knowledge learned in Sixth Grade is used as students read about early life in Israel.  Students learn about the many important people who worked to bring our wish for a homeland to fruition.

Eighth grade Jewish History is a course about the Holocaust. The intent is not only to explain the world that led up to this period, but to imprint on the students' hearts and minds their sacred promise to keep Holocaust studies alive.

All classes make use of primary source documents, maps and projects to bring the curriculum to life.  Quizzes and tests are a necessary assessment tool, along with class participation and homework preparation.

In Health, the goal is to send our students into High School with a sense of self, armed with the knowledge of conflict resolution and the dangers of smoking, alcohol, drugs and peer pressure.  The girls have separate classes about puberty and the changes they can expect to experience.  A strong sense of success and self-esteem is Mrs. Sanders' wish for all our graduates.

Michelle Savoy
Middle School Science

Ms. Savoy began her tenure career at The Brandeis School in the Pre-Kindergarten.  She then expanded her teaching to include both Kindergarten and Computer Instruction.  After many years in the lower school and realizing her passion for math and science, Ms. Savoy graduated to Middle School where she is currently teaching 3rd grade computers, 6th grade grouped mathematics, and 5th through 8th grade science.  All of Ms. Savoy’s classes are in accordance with the New York State Curriculum Standards.

In technology class, students begin the year learning about the structure of computers and the typing process.  Keyboard skills are expand through various word-processing projects and assignments.  The year culminates with learning how to create animated presentations and slideshows.  Topics for both word processing and presentations are based on personal interests as well as content from their Third Grade language arts and social studies curriculum.

The mathematics program is the Course 1 program from McGraw Hill.  Topics include: ratios, rates, working with fractions, decimals, and percentages, expressions and equalities, geometry, statistics and probability.  Lessons are taught through whole group interactions (both teacher and student directed) and followed up with individual practice opportunities.

The goal of the Science curriculum for all grades is for the students to develop their knowledge and understanding as they seek answers to questions about the natural world. This is achieved through lecture-based lessons, student-teacher and student-student discussions, and hands-on activities and labs.  

Each grade begins the year with the same first unit: The Nature of Science.  During this topic students review basic principles of science and how to design an effective experiment.  Fifth Grade continues with Earth Science, Food and Nutrition, Ecosystems, and Science, Engineering and Technology.  Our Sixth Graders focus on Energy, Work and Simple Machines, States of Matter, Weather, and Ecosystems.  Seventh Grade explores Maps and Earth Systems, and Physical Science, including matter and energy, sound and light, and chemistry.  In addition to the standard New York State Curriculum for 5th through 7th grade, a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) based project is incorporated within each unit.

Our Eighth Grade Science Curriculum is designed to provide students with an intensive look at biology as well as prepare for the New York State Living Environment Regents Exam. The concepts presented increase students’ knowledge of the living world in which we exist.  Living Environment is divided into nine major topics: Laboratory Skills, Scientific Inquiry and Skills, Similarities and Differences Among Living Organisms, Homeostasis in Organisms, Genetic Continuity, Reproduction and Development, Evolution, Ecology, and Human Impact on Ecosystems.

No matter what subject or grade Ms. Savoy is teaching, her ultimate goals remain the same.  She wishes to instill the love of learning and the desire to treat each other with respect.  Students accomplish this by stimulating conversations about concepts that can be connected to our everyday lives.

Kavinie Singh
Physical Education

Ms. Singh graduated from Queens College with a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education and she is currently pursuing her Masters in Health Education.  She has taught at The Brandeis School for over four years and teaches a wide range of classes from Nursery to the 8th grade. 

The physical education curriculum is designed to teach students the fundamentals necessary to execute a sport task while promoting movement.  We aim to develop each student’s knowledge of safety and movement.  In turn, this leads to their ability to perform a range of activities for an active and healthy lifestyle.  Our program also focuses on each student’s development of a strong sense of self-worth, a positive attitude and good character traits.

Rebecca Smith
Middle School Math

Ms. Smith teaches Math for fourth through eighth grades. She has taught at The Brandeis School for the past seven years. In the Fourth Grade, the curriculum focuses on place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, patterns and sequences, fractions, decimals, customary measurement, metric measurement, perimeter, area, and geometry.  Fifth Grade students learn place value, multiplication, division, decimals, expressions and patterns, fractions, measurement, and geometry.  Sixth grade math consists of ratios and rates, fractions, decimals, percents, decimals, integers, the coordinate plane, expressions, equations, functions, inequalities, area, volume, surface area, and statistics.  Our seventh graders learn ratios and proportional reasoning, percents, integers, rational numbers, expressions, equations, inequalities, geometric figures, measure figures, probability, and statistics.  In the eighth grade, students are taught Algebra 1 (Regents class) where the building blocks of algebra, linear expressions, equations, inequalities, functions, linear functions and arithmetic sequences, systems of linear equations and inequalities, exponents, polynomials, quadratics, roots and rational numbers, and statistics are taught.

Maida Weisman
4th Grade Literacy

Having taught a variety of grades from nursery to Sixth Grade, Mrs. Weisman has spent the majority of her time at The Brandeis School teaching the Fourth Grade.  

Fourth grade is an important transition year for boys and girls as they learn to be accountable and grow in responsibility and knowledge.  Mrs. Weisman’s goal, using the New York State Curriculum in Literacy and Social Studies, is to have students become lifelong readers, writers, and learners.  She endeavors to equip them with skills to work independently and cooperatively, and to challenge themselves educationally.

Donna Weiss
Middle School English, Math

During her tenure at The Brandeis School, Mrs. Weiss has taught Kindergarten, self-contained 2nd and 3rd Grades, 3rd Grade Science, 4th Grade Science, 3rd, 4th and 5th Grade Math, and 5th Grade Literacy.  

Mrs. Weiss instructs her classes in accordance with New York State Curriculum Standards.  Concepts are taught in whole group lessons with guided practice as well as independent practice opportunities.  After a thorough review of material, tests are given at the end of each chapter for assessment purposes.  Each year, skills build upon the ones learned previously.

Like Math, Science follows the New York State Curriculum Standards.  Both subject areas are given New York State Exams in the spring.  Science learning strategies in Fourth Grade begin with asking questions, followed by reading to acquire knowledge, note-taking, and discussions.  Students perform experiments to test student based or group formulated hypotheses.  After observation, they collect data and interpret the results to draw conclusions.  During the unit on electricity, children even build their own game boards.

Fifth Grade Literacy encompasses Reading and Writing strategies as well as Spelling and Grammar.  Interpretations of texts through discussions and written assignments take place regularly via novels, short stories, magazine and newspaper articles.  Students work in teams on a variety of genres.

Independent monthly reading projects are assigned.  Mrs. Weiss' classroom has couches for a natural reading setting as well as for teamwork.  Desks are arranged in rows, a large discussion square or teams, as needed.  Students work on building vocabulary in their spelling books and use a thesaurus.  They help themselves as well as one another in revising and editing their work.  Practice using sample New York State exams takes place prior to the spring test.

Elaine Winograd
3rd Grade General Studies, Middle School Math

Elaine Winograd is a secular teacher who has taught at The Brandeis School for over twenty years.  She has taught math, literacy, social studies, and science on the elementary level during her tenure.  Recently, Mrs. Winograd has added teaching math to seventh and eighth grade students.

Mrs. Winograd challenges herself to provide a classroom that promotes curiosity and exploration among her students.  Her students are willing to take risks and explore the unknown either independently or through peer interaction. Mrs. Winograd encourages her students to actively engage and participate in their learning.  Mrs. Winograd believes her role is to facilitate this process through cooperative learning, investigation, inquiry and hands-on activities.

Shelly Zaltsman
Middle School Hebrew

Mrs. Zaltsman has been at The Brandeis School for the last six years, teaching Judaic Studies to The Brandeis School Middle School students.  The goals of her class are to further develop students' Hebrew language skills and to increase their connection to Eretz Israel.