That's a Wrap!

Each year, Brandeis students and faculty gather in the school's gymnasium to countdown the last 10 seconds of the school year. As this academic year quickly came to an end, the school administration decided that they would not forsake this tradition, no matter the circumstances. 

On Wednesday, June 24th, N3-8th grade students were invited for a two part end of year celebration. As cars entered the Brandeis parking lot and driveway, staff members lined the path, waving enthusiastically to their students (whom they haven't seen in person for months).

Parents were then asked to pull into the school's field for a drive-through style end of year countdown celebration. While students were not permitted to exit their cars, guests found creative ways to see the excitement (whether by sitting on top of their cars, or opening their moon roofs to pop out). 

To everyone's surprise, Brandeis faculty, parents and students looked up at the building only to find Mr. Raz Levin, head of school, on the roof, greeting everyone with upbeat music. Together, attendees counted down the last 10 seconds of the year and honked their horns to officially bring the academic year to a close. After 4 months of adjusting to online learning and remote education, bringing the Brandeis family together was the perfect way to end the school year.