8th Grade Pen Pals

Mrs.Bieber’s 8th grade Literacy class embraces diversity by exchanging  pen pal letters with fellow students from Salt Lake City, Utah.

Some responses from students when asked what they got out of the activity:

“I learned that people who may live somewhere different or who have different backgrounds are still very similar to us.” Gabe Lerner

“I learned we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. When we first found out about this assignment we started judging them, but after realized they’re just like us .” Alexa Brandsdorfer

“I learned that we can make a friend from anywhere with just a few sentences.” Shoshana Schebovitz

“The thing I got out of this assignment was to respect people no matter where they come from.” Jace Apter

“Personally, I believe I made a new friend out of this. I had a lot of fun answering her questions.” Bailey Kahn