Lattes & Learning @ Brandeis

Brandeis parents and grandparents gathered for an informational and enjoyable evening with our Head Rabbi, Rabbi Dr. Saul Haimoff.  While sipping on homemade coffees and enjoying some sweet treats, attendees discussed the punishment Moses received after hitting the rock and disobeying Hashem, and the reason for the severity of his consequences.  We spoke about how to bridge the gap between the parent and child generation and explained the importance and relevance of Jewish values in the modern world. 
Using a venn diagram, participants compared what is important to them, what they love, what the world needs and Jewish values.   Community, for example, was a subject that was discussed and its significance in every aspect of our lives. 
As parents, it is sometimes very difficult to connect with the next generation,  and it can be very beneficial to learn about unique and exciting ways to engage our children and bridge the gap.